Zainab Sajid Collection For Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012

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Zainab Sajid’s Bridal Collection For Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012.

Zainab Sajid Specialized in bridal wear her bridal dress designs are innovative and original. Zainab Sajid’s bridal line always has both contemporary touch in traditional pieces and pure traditional pieces. Not a fix line of design she adopts but you’ll see bold and soft hues in her collections. Her designs are inspired from nature and life. Every dress of Zainab Sajid is unique and has it’s own identity. Zainab follows cultural heritage in unique urbane manner. In short, Zainab Sajid designs the outstanding bridal dresses. Her dresses are living form of happiness and enchantment. She is follows cultural heritage in unique urbane manner. Zainab Sajid take the inspiration from the tiniest thing and turn it into a fabulous glowing bridal or party wear.

On day 1 of  Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 Zainab Sajid’s bridal collection was showcased. Her dresses were as expected, with her signature embellishments and unique combo of colors. Every designer has their own philosophy of design. Zainab Sajid’s bridal collection for 2012 presented in Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 get a great applause from viewers for it’s one of a kind classic and elegant appearance.

Zainab Sajid at Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 Day 1

In Zainab Sajid’s bridal collection for  Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012, lehangas, sarees and frocks were showcased with heavy traditional embellishments. Typical red lehangas with blue dopatas and heavy stone embroidery. Zainab Sajid has done beads work and colorful embroidery on her dresses. Katan, jamawar , silk and chiffon fabric were used for her bridal collection 2012. Greens, Pinks, Reds, blues, purples and baege are prominent colors in Zainab Sajid’s bridal  collection for 2012. Silver embroidery and embellishments was seen on Zainab’s bridal line.

Zainab Sajid at Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 Day 1

Some designer are saying that trend of long shirts has gone and they are designing short cholies with lehangas but Zainab Sajid is still sticking with long shirts with lehangas and still making pishwaz like frocks. Colorful dopatas with frocks was admired by people, it was the simple but eye catching combination, for the dress and for colors too.

As Zainab’s is famous for bold and soft hues of colors, her bridal collection for  Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 was full of it plus contemporary and artistic designs were also introduced by her for the brides who like to experiment. Frocks with modern  cuts look awesome on ramp. Her dresses had detailed work which give them royal and classic look.

Zainab Sajid at Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 Day 1

The photography of Zainab Sajid Bridal Collection at Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 was done by Shahid Malik whereas the event was organized by Riyawat.

Have a look at Zainab Sajid’s Bridal Collection 2012 for  Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 Day 1

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