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Make Up Tips For Lips

Lips are the most beautiful attractive and delicate part of face. They have an important role in facial beauty. Every woman wants to have beautiful pink lips. For this you need to give them some extra cure and care.
Other then enhancing natural beauty of lips, the use of right lipsticks products is also important. Also the right application of makeup is very important for your lips beauty especially at times when you are going out to an occasion. So here are some quick and easy tips about how to apply lips make up. They will definitely enhance your lips beauty and make them look attractive:
Take care of your lips on regular basis.

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Use moisturizer on daily basis as lips don’t have oil glands. So they need regular moisturizing.
To have a healthy smooth and pink lips drink plenty of water daily. It will prevent lips from dehydration and also chapping.
To make your lips looks charming and eye-catching for application of lips makeup use lip balm daily.
If you use lipstick or lip gloss regularly then use a branded lipstick or lip gloss. Chose one which contains natural and herbal moisturiser  It will help maintain your lips shine and softness.
Shaping lips enhance the lips beauty. It adds attraction and fascinating flair to face.
Use a lip liner that the shade of which matches close to your lipstick color. This tip will help significantly defining your lip’s shape.
Apply lip gloss for a glamorous and shining celebrity look after coat of lipstick.
Apply transparent lip gloss it will highlight shade of your lipstick more.
Always choose a right lipstick colour according to season as well as your persona.
In summer avoid dark shades and glossing on them.
If you want to gloss then choose a colourless or one with nude or natural light pink color.
Choose matte colours more for lipstick.
In winter you can go for darker color lipsticks and gloss.
Remember color of the lipstick must also compliment your complexion and skin tone.
Choose a lip color that suit the occasion too.
A red color lip color is ideal for a party at night. Avoid applying in day time or at office meeting.
Use lighter and nudes shades instead, for office and casual use.
Hope these lips care and makeup tips will help to smooth, glamorous and attractive lips.

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