Yahsir Waheed Eid And Winter Collection For Women

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Elegant Stylish Fashionable Dresses For Girls By Yahsir Waheed

Yahsir Waheed has started working in the fashion industry in 1998, the experience  can be seen in his designs. Yahsir Waheed’s designs are always original that is his slogan too. Having studied textile design at the National College of Arts and Fashion design at Central St Martin’s (UK), and knitwear design from Leicester his first job was as a designer at Ammar Textiles.

stylish dresses for girls

Yahsir Waheed’s personal design philosophy reflects the passion and candour that he brings to his work. Yahsir Waheed believes that everything has been designed and done before, the challenge is to take stuff from before or from your surroundings define it with a new meaning and design them in a completely new style that is relevant to the times that we live in. Channelling his inspirations in a way that gives them a new meaning as well as a new perspective, he is particularly intrigued with technology and how one can adapt it to one’s designs.

Yahsir Waheed has recently launched his women dress collection for Eid, the designs are simply amazing and getting a lot of appreciation form Yahsir Waheed’s clients. Yahsir Waheed has chosen light colours as base of the dress and has used colourful ajrak prints as patch work. The dresses will definitely enhance your charm on Eid.

Take a look at Yahsir Waheed’s Eid and Winter collection for women

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