Winter Beauty Tips Nail Care

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Nail Care Tips For Winter

Strong, clean, shiny and healthy nails represents and contributes to beauty as well as good health. They add elegance in ones personality and looks noticeable and attention grabbing if they are taken care of. As we know winter will be here soon, we have collected some important and easy tips and guide to take care of your nails and to keep them healthy, naturally beautiful and strong.
The first and foremost important thing for nails during cold season is to keep them moisturise  Moisturising nails and hands is as important as moisturizing your face skin otherwise they will become dry, weak, brittle and ragged. So to moisturize them apply almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, jasmine oil etc before going to bed.

Winter Beauty Tips Nail Care
Do not forget to apply any good hand cream or oil after bath as it is the best time to moisturize hands and nails.
Massaging hands with vitamin E and chamomile will also keep them smooth.
Use jojoba oil and rice oil for applying and massaging hands and nails. This will keep them soft, smooth and moisturized.
Keep your hands covered with gloves and avoid exposure to cold.
Avoid heating hands on fire and flame as it is not good. It makes hand skin dry and hard.
Always dry your hands after washing and bathing. Keeping them wet makes them dry.
Wash clothes and utensils wearing gloves as dish washing soaps and detergent harm and dry nails and hands.
Do not dip hands in water for more than 10 minutes even for manicure in cold season.
Drink plenty of water.
Switch to base coat for brittle nails and keep your nails polished.
Massage hands with butter or milk cream to nourish them.
To remove dead and dry out skin massage with lemon juice mix with glycerine for 5 minutes and wash hands. Then apply a good moisturizing cream or oil.

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