Western Women In Saree

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Lady Gaga In Saree:

Saree is the traditional dress of subcontinent. It is symbol of elegance. Sarees are still the preferred among women for formal wear. They consider it to be the hot fashions statement for ever. Designer Sarees Fashion never go outdated. It remains always in fashions. It may be possible that the style and design keep on changing but saree is evergreen fashion.

The style and pattern of every saree can vary in accordance to your choice and the occasion. Women around the world are trying saree now. Stars who like to experiment more with their wardrobe has tried saree. Like The super star singer Lady Gaga has worn saree. Gaga has seen in every crazy hairstyle and dress you can imagine. An elegant addition in her collection of looks is her look in saree or sari.

saree fashion

When Opera Winfrey visited India she was seen in saree. Opera Winfrey was seem happy and comfortable with this new type of dress for her. She was seen in sari in India on different occasions and then on air on her show.

saree fashion

Saree Fashion is spreading around the world and women are trying it in many different ways. Western women are wearing saree with western additions in it.

saree fashion

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