Wear Red Puoty Lips

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Red Lipstick:

Wearing Red Lipstick and Giving Pout Look to Lips

Stain your lips for an instant pop of color and a touch of old Hollywood glamour. A Scarlet Pout scream bold and is definitely not for the faint hearted. So don’t let the people think that you are faint-hearted but show them the boldness you have inside you. The bold Pout lips will definitely enhance your personality and draw your partner’s attention more towards you. Red for lips is a universal classic color. Every woman in the world can wear it, those who think they can not, are wrong. You need to know the way to wear the color and to know how to carry it.

All you need to do is make your mind and follow the steps.

Accepting Red:

Give a break to your earthy tones lipsticks and gloss. They are also good accordingly but here we are talking about bold red If you have secretly admired the women who can carry off a high dose of color, here is the good news. You can support the look too, as there is a shade of red for every skin tone. All you need to do is to accept this shade and let it blend with you.

Light Skin Tones: Bright red veering towards pinks and magentas work really well on those with a radiant complexion. In fact women with light skin tones can even pull off  bright reds.

Wheatish Skin Tones: Deep or medium reds leaning towards burgundy best suits Wheatish skin tones.

Dusky Skin Tones: Keep the red dark and close to burgundy. It highlights the gorgeous dusky complexions.

Pushker Up For Your Dinner Date:


  • Use a moisturizer before applying a foundation. Make sure the moisturizer has absorbed well. Go for a liquid foundation.
  • Set it with a compact.
  • Use a highlighter on the cheeks.


  • Keep your eyes minimal to balance a scarlet pout. Use a touch of natural eyeshadow on the lid.
  • Line your eyes using a thin liner, close to the lash line.
  • Finish off with the favorite thing, the mascara.


  •  Red lips is a classic option not only for valentine’s day.
  • Using a transfer-resistant lip colour while heading out is a good idea.

The Perfect Ruby Lips:

Now that you have picked your color, here is how you can work the look. The best to begin is to start with a lip pencil.

  • Outline you lip line with a lip pencil following the exact natural shape of your lips.
  • Apply the red lip color from the inside out without smudging or covering the lip line.
  • Do the old trick, dab the lips with a tissue paper and then re-apply the lip color.
  • Usually girls do it wrong, don’t apply gloss on you whole lips. Just apply gloss in the centre of your lips. Well add a hint of gloss in the center to complete the look.
  • Opt for a good quality long-wear lip color, which will last for a few hours.
  • Don’t go overboard with the lip gloss, as this cause the color to bleed.

Red Alert:

Matching your lip color to your dress will be a major fashion faux pas. It’s best to keep the rest of the look in deep tones or monochromatic.

Dark lip color stain your lips. The best way to remove the color is to first dab off the color with a tissue paper. Then use a couple of drops of lip color remover or makeup remover on the lips and spread it out. After a couple of minutes, use a moist cotton ball to remove the color.

Repeat the process till the color is completely off.

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