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Alwand Vahan Jewellery

Alwand Vahan collection consists of Exquisite Diamond Jewelry. Their creations are fascinating and alluring today’s woman with an eye for style, quality, uniqueness and comfort. Alwand Vahan had their origins in Paris, France. Alwand Vahan has been designing fine jewelry for more than 100 years. Alwand Vahan is now carried on by its third-generation, also well-known as “Sacha”.
Sacha is found in the premium and luxury jewelry stores all over the country.The designer Sacha creates jewelry with mood, drama and thinking of women wearing the jewelry like actresses and film stars. They mix genuine silver, 14K gold and diamonds into incredibly astounding designs. The women wearing Sacha are observed, envied, and admired.

vahan jewellery
Alwand Vahan collections consists of the finest Bracelets, premium Earrings, elegant Rings, graceful Necklaces and stunning Pendants collections in the world. They create diamond jewelry like an fine art form. It is worn by countless celebrities. So many Hollywood’s gorgeous women adorn themselves with Alwand Vahan bracelets.

His collections, includes the flourishing Moire, Montage , and the dreamy Blanc de Blanc as seen in many publications such as Town and Country, Luster, In Style etc. Alwand Vahan’s jewelry is admired all over the world. The jewelry abstracts fabricated of aggregate gold and diamond, sculptural styles ancient into an aggregate of gold and admirable argent and adored stones.

He was one of the first jewelry designers represented exclusively all over the world. The Alwand Vahan collections are found in the exclusive jewelry stores throughout the country. His creations are dazzling today’s woman.


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