Toe Nail Care For Feet Health

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Toe Nail Care

Clean, shaped and healthy toe nails are pleasure to show off. You can wear open toed shoes and sandals confidently. Healthy, natural and toe nails in good condition should have light pink colour nails with smooth shiny look and no dry cuticles or marks. To have naturally beautiful and healthy toe nails you need to give them a little time and attention out of your busy life follow some simple and easy tips and guides.

toe nail care for feet health

Bath your feet daily with antiseptic soap and slightly warm water to keep them clean and avoid fungal infections.
Your foot needs pedicure twice or at least once a month.
Trim your toe nails once or twice a month.
Always trim nails with the help of toe nail clippers not with any other instruments.
Always rim or cut nails straight across not around the top or down the sides of nail.
Never trim or cut your nails too short as it encourages the nail growth.
Keep your nail’s size medium so that they may protect the toe from pressure and trauma. Neither they should be too long to avoid undue trauma.
Massage your foot to increase blood circulation twice a month with a good antiseptic and moisturizing foot cream.
Always wear good shoes of correct fitting. Never wear tight fitting shoes.
Try to use open sandals and shoes so that toes get fresh air and light.
Wear clean and washed woollen socks as woollen is the best and most suitable natural fibre which can be next to your skin. Socks should be loose in fitting not tight to restrict circulation of blood.
Walking along seashore with bare foot as it defoliates and gives a relaxing massage. Sea shore sand help removing dead skin and sea water acts as natural deodorant.
Use natural aloe era foot cream to massage foot to make them soft, smooth and beautiful.

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