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Splash Of Colours For Spring Summer 2013:

Tie dye is a cool trend for summer, summer of 2012 was full of tie dye which stayed for fall 2012 and designers and stylists are predicting that this cool trend will be hot in summer 2013. there was a time when bold tie dye was considered for hippies only. Tie dye is still not the favourite of designers but is favourite of fashion lovers, streets are full of these clothes. The tie dye is loved by people for a long time and the trend comes back after every one or two years.

Tie dye was the hottest trend in 2012 and will stay hot in 2013. tie and dye is like playing with colours and is always a lot fun. Always love to wear the splash of colours in spring or summer, the best time to wear tie dye.


Tie dye looks good whether it’s has ten colours or it’s simply one or two colours over a light base colour. You can wear according to your personality and colour tone. You don’t always need to wear a tie dye top to support the fashion trend you can go with a tie dye scarf or any other accessory. Wear a tie dye bag with a plain one colour shirt. This season’s hottest trend is tie dye skinny jeans. One tip for wearing tie dye is wear one piece of tie dye, wear tie dye top with plain bottom or wear plain top with tie dye bottom. Or you can go for a tie dye scarf and bag with a simple outfit.

Tie dye’s speciality is that every single piece of tie dye unique, it’s different than the other. IT gives a now life to plain garment if you are bored of your any shirt get it tie dyed.

As I said earlier the hottest trend in tie dye for coming season is tie dye skinny jeans. Tie dye Skinny jeans is a must have for summer 2013. You can make your own jeans tie dyed easily just knowing some simple techniques of tie dye which I’ll discuss in some other article. Try to tie dye your white jeans it’s the most favourite of celebrities for the season.

Gradient tie dye is a type of tie dye from which you can create beautiful and sophisticated look. You can do gradient tie dye in two or three colours, if you are confident about your design try three or four colours to create your own unique look.

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