The Wedge Shoes Trend

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Wedge Shoes Trend

Wedge heels was invented by an Italian designer in 1936. Wedge shoes are women’s shoes with a heel that runs the length of the sole or bottom portion of the shoe in the shape of a wedge. Wedge shoes are different from other shoes that provide a heel that drop down from the back of the foot and come to a point. Wedge can be made with molded plastic or rubber. Wedge shoes are very much popular fashion. Wedge heels are very comfortable as compare with other type of styles. Wedge heels are appropriate for casual wears. Wedge heels looks awesome with skirts or dresses of any length. With wedgies the entire bottom surface of the shoe is supported which makes balance and walking easier.

wedge shoes trend


Wedge shoes are little bit difficult to find but mostly women love to wear it. Wedge heels are comfortable in waking. The wedge heel is thick and one piece with the sole as compare to high heels they have separate heel attached. Wedge heels became popular during World War II due to shortage of leather and rubber in USA. Wedges offer more arch support, reducing foot and ankle problems. Shoes are the porch of the women’s body. Women’s have crazed to wear high heels all the time. Wedge heels are designed to accommodate the needs for all the four seasons. When wearing wedge shoes, there is less risk in falling or getting stuck in something.

Wedge shoe offers great recompense as they are better designed and made to be solid and long lasting. A thick heel which is made from a single piece of material is what distinguishes all wedge shoes from other footwear. By wearing more comfortable shoes you can spend more time admiring your groom than worrying about sore feet.

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