The Variations In Saree

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Designers Sarees With Innovative Styles:

Saree or sari are worlds famous dress and now designers are designing sarees with innovative styles.

Abhi and Rahul mostly focus on western style outfits but this time around they went traditional with sarees and lahenga!

All three saree are one of a kind but the saree in centre is most innovative with a jacket. With a supple shade of pink and heavy embroidery and of course the show stopper is the jacket with the saree. I just find it very alluring. The silhouette is very crisp and the ensemble just looks very coordinated.

Designer Sabyasachi was struck by the beauty of the shorter sari as worn by the tribal women of Madhya Pradesh.

“It was easy to navigate around in,” he says. He displayed his own take on this at Couture Week a few months later. Not only did he feel it made the sari look trendier, but also allowed women to show their shoes. (“Today women spend so much of their budget on shoes.”)”

the variations in saree

Satya Paul’s Saree with a matching top:

Satya Paul’s Saree in western world

Satya Paul Elegant Sarees

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