The Side Slick Comb Over Hairstyle For Men

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Latest Formal Slick Back Hairstyle For Men Is Side Slick Combed Hairstyle Or Slick Side Part Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for formal wear. It gives you a hot look. In this style there are longer hair on the top and clean side-parting with shorter hairs on the sides. The hairs are trimmed fine around the neck and ears. Styling cream is used to make such an elegant hairstyle. Apply cream through the hairs and comb to distribute hairs evenly. Draw a straight line with the tail of the comb to part the hairs on the side where you want to. Comb each side of the parting. Rub the creams in your palms and rub it against the hairs to smoothen the parting and completing the look as you can see in the pictures provided here..

men side part combed over hairstyle

David Beckham Slick Side Comb Over Hairstyle 

men side part combed over hairstyle

men side part combed over hairstyle

men side part combed over hairstyle

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