Stretching Exercises For Staying Young Longer

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Stretching Exercises For Flexibility

Exercises are very useful and if it is made habit or a part of daily routine then it’s really improves your life, and surely make it healthier one. As it is rightly said, in an old proverb that health is wealth. So why not gave some time to improve and boosts our body.
There are a lot of exercise, usually for every part for your body we have different and various kind s of exercise available. Some exercise are for weight reducing, some for shaping ,some for whole body, some for circulation increment and some for increases mass and others are for stretching.

stretching exercise workout for fleibility

In every one body flexibility plays a great role if your body is not flexible enough to do work then your life would be hell. There are a lot of people who got stiffness in their muscles, legs, arms and other parts of the body. For that reasons they could not do their routine work frequently and easily. Therefore for those and others too we have some stretching exercise which will help you in flexibility. They are as follows:

Sit on the ground keeping your back straight now open your one leg at 45 degree and keeping the other leg bend, now keeping your hands straight and back stretch your hand and without bending your leg touch your feet fingers with your hand. Remain in this position for some time then again repeat this. After attempting it 5 times do the same with the other leg.

Stand straight keeping your back straight lift your right arm and with your left arm holding right elbow stretch it towards your left side. Do this 5 times and then repeat it for left arm.

Stand straight keeping your back straight again now lift your right leg in your right arm stretching it until your feet touch your right hip. Standing on your left leg .stay in this position for some time then does this for left leg.

Stand straight opening your legs now bend downwards at your right side first touching your right feet with both hands hold on this position for some moment then return standing straight now repeat for other leg too.

For back and leg stretch stand straight keeping your legs closely attached, keep back straight and hands straight upward now without opening legs and bending hands start bending downwards until your hands touch the ground. Remain in this position .then return back then repeat it again.

Remember that stretching can be dangerous if it is but done in a proper manner and positions. Too much of stretching could be affective. So kindly do it for some time and gradually increase your time. Hope these exercise helps in increasing your flexibility.

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