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Stéphane Rolland French Fashion designer and an haute couture fashion brand.

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Looking at his work his source of inspiration comes down to Modern art, architecture, sculpture, photography.
For my last collection he say’s he was inspired by Anish Kapoor. ( An English sculptor who originally comes from India.) He says that he love his work because it’s strong, architectural and monumental. So his art reflects his own vision and ideas.

couture fashion

His last collections was a very architectural one where he played a lot with the movement; it has many round shapes like those you can find in the Anish Kapoor sculpture. A stone polished by the sea. He used the organic colors: grey, black, dark brown and blue reminding the sky and ocean’s reflections. Urban colors as well since all these colors are also the city colors. And finally the mineral colors – all facets of diamonds and sapphires. He used a lot of gauze as It can easily get the volumes; hand painted leather, velvet to get reflections and of course organza.

In his recent collection floor-length dresses of muslin and silk, sparkling details in rays of spotlights, whether it be a wide golden belt or inserts or even a corset. And of course the gloves, similar to those we saw last season but somewhat modified to include a new “trendy” feature. Conventional and ostrich feathers trains, piquant décolleté, open backs are a must. Broad ankle-length trousers and jackets are also familiar. color palette rich and bold red, icy white, perfect black, chartreuse, and the way the colors are “played” with, especially white and black is astounding. We can also see some Snow-white midi dress with closed front, broad shoulders and sleeves falling in cascades with its open back and decorative gold ornaments.

In a dress from Stephane Rolland an ordinary girl can afford to become Aphrodite or Venus, to win and break the hearts with her elegance, chic and sexuality.

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