Some Mood Boosting Foods

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Feeling Blah? Mood Boosting Snacks:

Now that initial euphoria of New year is behind us and we are settling back into day to day life yet again, you might need some cheering up. Food and our moods are intricately linked, so next time you feel hungry, don’t reach out for the all too common bag of Chips and snacks, Pringles or quick energy drinks (which will actually raise your blood sugar quickly giving you a burst of energy, but then just as quickly drop it down, leaving you more tired than before), here’s the smarter way to survive the 3PM crash. Stash these snacks in your work fridge or keep them in your desk draw for some instant energy!

Dark chocolate:

Yep, we actually just typed those two amazing words here. Dark chocolate causes your body to produce endorphins, which send a happiness signal throughout your whole body! Plus, dark chocolate has special antioxidants in it that keep blood vessels healthy.

Nuts, like almonds or walnuts:

Nuts are proven to give you extra energy and help you stay focused (thanks to the fact that they’re packed with omega-3s, a known mood booster), so have a handful for a daily snack or throw in some walnuts to your salad. Delicious it is!

A rolled-up slice of turkey or turkey sandwich:

Poultry actually helps your body make serotonin a happiness hormone!

Veggies and fruits:

Your body will instantly respond to some veggies for a snack-that’s because veggies are filled with H2O. And more water energy boost. Other veggies, like carrots, are packed with vitamin A which also energizes you. Tomatoes have ridiculous amounts of
antioxidants, which again keeps your system happy and healthy. Remember that Vitamin C veggies and fruits are just as important-oranges and grapefruits are instant energy boosters that will fight fatigue right away.


If you’ve been feeling stressed, magnesium-deficiency may be contributing to that. By having one banana a day (which are packed with magnesium), you’ll feel your mood improving.

Plenty of water:

Sticking to that “8 glasses of water a day” rule is one of the most valuable things you can do for your mood-and body. Refreshing your body with more water is shown to have immediate energy effects and likewise contribute to a happy boost.


Having a simple tuna sandwich for lunch is one of the best mood boosters. Why? Because seafood is packed with selenium, a mineral linked to better moods.

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