Smokers Lips Care Tips

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Lips Care For Smokers

lips care for smokers

If your lips have gotten darker, there may be a lot of factors in your lifestyle to blame i.e. excessive use of lip color, smoking and sun exposure. Today one of the most common factor which causing lips to get darker is smoking, although it has a number of side effects but lip darkening is common one in a lot of individuals.

Nicotine found in cigarettes is the main factor which is behind in this lip getting dark. There are a number of procedures, treatments and control measures through which one can get light pink lips. Therefore there are some treatments whose daily se can retain your lip color back. They are as follows:

  • First and the most important are whether to quit or reduced the habit of smoking. As smoking is not a healthy habit
  • Secondly, beetroot is known as a natural bleaching agent can be very effective to use. By Taking a slice of beetroot and rubbing it on your lips or applying its juice can result in lightening the lips.
  • Thirdly by massaging your lips daily with almond oil can reduced the dark color. As this is used and recommended by many people. Its use is also very effective.
  • Use of a lot of lipstick, and applying it on daily basis and for long time can cause dark lips, so avoid using of lipstick. Or use that product which suits your skin.
  • Reduce your daily consumption of tea and coffee.
  • Before going out apply suitable sunscreen on your lips. Apply in quite large amount as it will protect your lip skin from sun. Apply it in night before going to bed.
  • Other bleaching agents like cider vinegar and lime juice can also b affective apply them on your lips by dipping cotton in it.
  • Use of Vaseline and chapped stick can also b useful as it can make your lips softer n smooth.
  • Intakes of vitamin C can also b useful as smoking darken your lips and reduced the collagen in your body. It helps in building up new cell and removes the old ones.
  • Applying a mixture of glycerin, lime and honey before going to bed every night can be useful.
  • Maintaining the intake of healthy food and diet can be useful; the in taking of fruits which contains vitamin C can also help. Plus drinking an adequate amount of water can keep your lips fresh and smooth.
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