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Side Part Hairstyle:

Ted Gibson’s guide to Side Part Hairstyle
side part hairstyle
Here is a guide to make side part hairstyle for long hair
  • ““I’m all about glamour,” says Ted Gibson, hair guru to Hollywood’s elite (think Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway). His current muse is Ashley Greene. For a spotlight-stealing style, he enjoys giving the Twilight actress an updated version of Veronica Lake’s classic, side-parted waves. Here’s how to recreate the hairstyles look at home.”
  • “A deep side part yields instant sophistication and opens up the face—but proper placement is key, says Gibson: “For a symmetrical appearance, the part should align with the highest point of the eyebrow.””
  • “After rubbing a dollop of his Tame-It Shine Lotion between his palms, Gibson applied the mixture to dry hair. “It’s great for calming flyaways and adding shine,” says Gibson.”
  • ““You always want to use a brush after applying product so that every strand of hair is thoroughly saturated,” says Gibson. “I prefer using a mixed-bristle brush—one that has nylon as well as boar bristles. The boar is for smoothing and the nylon is for detangling.””
  • “Next, Gibson perfected the part using the end of his tail comb. “Its fine tip helps to give that sharp edge,” he says.”
  • “To get the “soft waves” he desired, Gibson chose a medium-barrel curling iron. “I took sections of hair that were about two-inches wide and one-and-a-half inches deep and wrapped them around the iron, leaving the ends out,” says Gibson. “I like the ends to be straighter because I think it’s more natural and modern.””
  • ““When creating waves, you want to work from the bottom up,” says Gibson. “This gives a good shape and foundation.””
  • “Once he finished curling, Gibson softened spirals using the same mixed-bristle brush he employed earlier. He then brushed hair “from the side part, all the way over,” before planting a bobby pin above the arch of the brow.”
  • “Gibson says the pin placement should follow the same rules as the initial parting: “To open up the face, the pin should go around the eyebrow arch.” For slippery or thick tresses, Gibson prefers using Japanese bobby pins for their strong hold. “The metal grooves keep hair in place better than most American bobby pins,” he says.”
  • ““The great thing about a deep side part is that you can tailor it to your personality—it’s very versatile,” says Gibson. “You can keep hair wavy and loose or you can sweep it over the shoulder, pull it into a low ponytail, or put it up in a bun. When picking your style, think about what you want to accomplish with your deep side part, and what it represents for you.””

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