Skin Care Beauty Tips For Fall Winter

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Get Glowing Skin In Winter

skin care in winter
As winter come, everyone starts their buck up, they start using lotions, buttering their body and massaging it with heavy creams and oils. But unfortunately we forget to treat our skin gently and taking care of it by using essential and branded stuff.
Our skin makes the largest organ which is always in contact with the environment. So whenever the climate changes its effects can easily b seen on our skin. With these climate changes we should change our skin care regime also. Like how to take the best care of your skin in winter and make it look fresh, smooth silky and glowing during the winter. The best and the main beauty tips tips for face and body skin care are as follows:

Water is very essential n the basic requirement for our body plus our skin. It keeps our skin hydrated in all the kinds of climate.

Stop the usage of heavy cleanser for your skin because it makes it dry and un smooth. Use a light cleanser

Then keep skin moisturized by using a good humidifier, and don’t let your skin get dry and cracked because it will take a long time to come to its original look again

Make sure that you don’t let your skin over load with dead and dry skin n cells. You can use a good face scrub or loofa to clean your skin and removing the excess dead material.

After scrubbing or using loofa make sure u moisturize your skin with light oil or winter cream, so that it doesn’t get dried.

Usage of good branded cream or moisturizer is necessary as your skin get instantly dry as it get in contact with cold climate. So moisture it while getting out.

You can use jojoba oil, and almond oil while taking a bath this will make your skin silky n smooth even after taking shower.

For exfoliating your skin keep alternate days, as regularly done will make it dry

You can use oil cleanser for removing your make up, because it does not make your skin dry.

Hope these help u to make a healthy n beautiful n glowing skin during winters.


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