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5 Home Ingredients for Facial Toner & Cleanser for all skin types

Retail facial cleansers and facial toners are very expensive. They are made with a variety of chemicals, colours  preservatives and fragrances. They may have adverse reaction on skin later. So instead of buying these expensive products from market why not try healthy, non-toxic and easily accessible ingredients from kitchen. They are effective, free from additives and best alternatives to expensive commercial products.

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Here are 5 home ingredients appropriate for skin toning and cleansing


Oatmeal is an effective home made cleanser. It is beneficial for almost all skin type.
For a dry skin cleanser, mix 1 cup of oats with 1 tsp of skin cream.
For oily skin, mix 1 tsp plain yogurt with 1 cup of oatmeal.
For normal skin, mix 1 tsp of honey with a cup of oatmeal.


Tomato is a useful skin toner and cleanser. It will also help to shrink enlarged pores.
For a dry skin, mix 1 tbsp blends ripe tomato with 1 tbsp of cucumber paste.
For oily skin, mix 1 tbsp of tomato juice with few drops of lime juice.
For normal skin, mix tomato juice with honey to make sticky mixture toner and cleanser

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice creates an effective cleanser for skin. This cleanser will also exfoliate skin.
For a dry skin, Mix small amount of powdered milk or oatmeal with lemon juice.
For normal skin, Mix lemon juice and plain yogurt for a soothing cleanser for acne or irritated skin.
For oily skin, Mix fresh lemon juice with orange, kiwi or strawberry fruit juice.


Honey is also beneficial for all skin type for its soothing and hydrating qualities. It is acts as an excellent cleanser and toner.
For oily skin, mix honey with few drops of lemon juice and ground almonds powder.
For dry skin, mix honey with a small amount of sugar.
For normal skin, mix a Blended cucumber paste with honey.

Green Tea

Green tea has many health benefits. Green tea is an excellent skin toner. Use loose or open a green tea bag. Mix it with mineral water. Add few drops of lemon juice. It will make an effective toner for all skin type. Pour it in a spray bottle and store it in refrigerator.

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