Simple And Easy Nail Art For Eid

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Easy To Make And Pretty To Look Nail Art Designs For Eid

Eid is coming and Eid shopping and preparation of women are at it’s peak now a days, with a pretty dress, sparkling shoes, accessories and make up stuff there is another thing getting importance in women beauty that is decorating their nails, not only with plain colourful nail polish but with stylish nail art designs. Nail art is complicated and requires skill, not every women is an expert to design their nails with small and thin nail art brushes. So there are some simple nail art ideas which are really easy to make, women can make these nail art designs with little skill and simple tools. Check out.

After a good manicure you’ll need simple dot nail art tool to make dots or you can use a tooth pick for the dots. Stick glitter or apply glitter nail polish and your nail art is ready.

With mini beads you can create this nail art easily, stick the beads to wet coat of nail polish in a pattern you want if the beads are not holding with nail polish you can use any glue which looses colour after drying.

Apply Glitter with glue and sponge to your nails, you can choose the base colour you want, after drying the glue apply protective coat to let the glitter stay on the nails.

With simple and easy nail polish brush strokes you can create cute and interesting patterns for nail art like the image below.

The easiest nail art design for you is shown below, you can design any type of pattern with dots, as I said earlier you can use dot tool and if you don’t have nail art tools you can use a tooth pick to make dots, cut the tooth pick to get the size of dot you want.

You can do any geometric or interesting shape for nail art with tape, you need to cut the tape in the shape you want and stick on the nails. Here is a sample for you girls, you can cut any shape you want.

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