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Simon G. Jewellery

Simon G. Jewelry is a prominent well-known name in the world of jewelry market. This magnificence jewelry manufacturer is in its 31st year of business and has gained recognition and appreciation as a leading brand in designing and manufacturing bridal jewelry and engagement rings. Simon, has become the leading light in setting trend in bridal and fashion jewelry for more than 20 years. Besides that, Simon G. is also very well known for its fashion jewelry and multi-toned fashion jewelry which has received the brand numerous awards and recognitions.

simon g jewellery
The Simon G. Jewelry collection, comprises of classic to modern styles and designs and preferably use 18 karat or platinum. Simon G. Jewelry, knows what women want and desire. Each piece is inspired and one of its kind with precious gems and rare stones which has made its collection exclusive and unique. Whether it is a wedding band or a neckpiece, it is designed with the hope that it will become an heirloom.

simon g jewellery rings
Simon G. chooses his own top-quality metals and materials and only uses original and top clarity natural colored diamonds imported from Belgium, India and Israel therefore producing designer jewelry pieces that stand the test of time. They are distinct in its convoluted designs, sky-scraping quality, and craftsmanship.
He has designed jewelry for many high-profiled jewelers throughout the world. He has become an international jewelry designer where fashion is the focus and fine-quality, contemporary, diamond-set jewelry is the specialty and using only the finest gems, each piece of jewelry is hand finished with unique workmanship that includes intricate beadwork and engraving.

simon g jewellery rings
Simon G. Jewelry is reputed and known for quality and integrity. All Simon G Jewelry is designed to be stunning and eye-catching, viewed from any angle. Simon G. Jewelry is a reflection of the high ethical standards of manufacturing and distribution within the industry. They are very sensitive to the needs of the consumer and try their best to provide customers with the best value and quality jewelry and will surely go to great lengths to guard it and the fine retailers that support the brand.


simon g jewellery rings

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