Shoes Trend For Eid

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Shoes For Eid:

With Eid-Ul-Fitr 2012 coming with all it’s colours and charm, the shopping temperature has raised. Women, men, and kids all are heading towards shops in the markets. It is every one’s dream to look dainty and stylish especially for the girls.

shoes trend for eid

Clothes, dresses, accessories and shoes, markets are loaded with these items. After the shopping of pretty dresses, girls are moving towards the latest launched shoe collections for Eid 2012. Preparations are incomplete with buying latest trendy shoes on this happy occasion.

Shoe sellers have launched latest Shoe Fashion for Eid-ul-Fitr these days. Shoe fashion for Eid is really nice and enchanting to wear. There is a variety of choices in designs, in colors and even in shapes.

Eid Shoe Trend 2012 includes Sandals. There is a wide range of them in the stores. You can buy high- heels, low heels, color contrasting, color matching sandals of your own choice.

As they are suitable for summer also so a million numbers of girls like them. They are comfortable and easy to wear. If you are wearing a Choori-pajama on Eid, please go for flat sandals, they enhance your style and make your outfit look perfect on you. Shoe trend for Eid-ul-fitr 2012 has not bound you with only one kind of sandals; rather they have an extensive range, now it is up to you to buy a perfect one. So if you love to wear trousers, please choose high heel sandals because they are in with trousers, they have an amazing chemistry with trousers.

Latest Eid-ul-fitr shoes are mostly bright in colors. They can match any latest dress, for the color range in them is improved this time. Funky colors are in this Eid not only for dresses but also in footwear. They enchant you with the spell they create. Bright ranges include green, fire brown, azure, hot pink, white and black, orange etc. They are available in every size. These playful colors are completely in tune with the theme of Eid-ul-Fitr. High ankle boot with zip and buckle having velvet or fluffy furs are a big hit this Eid. Cut outs in shoes are also in. They give our feet a gorgeous look. Last but not least Kolapuri chapples are also in town to make you feel happy on Eid day.

The most interesting thing regarding footwear for Eid 2012 is you can get matching perfectly with your dress. Since there are a lot of combinations which are similar to the latest dresses in shops.

There are many elegant designs involving animal prints, dainty lace, delicate beads, stylish stones, drape over toes, chiffon ribbons etc. Flat pumps are also in fashion. They are easy and comfortable for day to day routine. It also has unlimited designs.

Men Footwear Eid-ul-Fitr 2012 focuses on trendy soft soled leather boots. Colors that are in are black, grey, skin and brown for men. These leather sole footwear are both perfect for formal and casual routines. Knee high boots and sneaker are also in trend for young boys.

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