Sergio Rossi Luxury Shoes Collection For Fall Winter 2012 2013

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Sergio Rossi Fall Shoes Collection 2012 2013

Sergio Rossi is an Italian women’s footwear designer that also produces a limited range of men’s shoes, and other accessories. This label is owned by French Group PPR. In 1968 the first shoes bearing the Sergio Rossi signature were produced. In 1970’s Sergio Rossi brand become very famous. Sergio Rossi shoes became a mainstay at the Milan fashion shows. He opened his first boutique in 1980 and further he opened his showroom also in 1995. Sergio factory produced 1,000 pair of shoes in a day.

sergio rossi fall shoes collection

Sergio Rossi is best known for his high heels which give comfort and support the weight of a woman’s body. The highest heel he has ever constructed on a shoe not counting platforms was 115 mm, or about 4½ inches. Sergio Rossi brand is known for its sexy stilettos and has been one of the biggest designers. Sergio has amazing collection of shoes for both men and women. Hollywood stars and celebrities are fanatics of his unique and cutting edge shoe collections. His brand became worldwide famous and he was listed as one of the maverick shoe designer in the high end world of fashion. According to their taste, he molds and designs extravagant shoes to fulfill the thirst of women for shoes. He is one of the biggies Italian shoe designer. His wonderful effort gives him a great success. Rossi also provide boots for both men and women’s. His collection always changes with fashion.

sergio rossi fall shoes collection

You must go and check Sergio Rossi designs in order to know what is presently in fashion. He always has a big and new collection all time.

Check out The Sergio Rossi fall shoes collection

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