Sana Safina Collection at FPW 2012

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Sana Safina Collection At 3rd Fashion Pakistan Week 2012

Sana and Safina don’t need introduction anymore. They have become inspiration for young designer in such short time of their career. Their designs cell like hot cakes in the market. Sana Safina has presented their collection for 3rd FPW 2012 held in Karachi. Their collection was showcased  on last day of the fashion week. The news about Sana and Safina brand is that they are launching their Pret-a-porter in London in this April. It’s a good news for their clients and fans in U.K.

Sana Safinaz little glittering gold dress for 3rd Fashion Pakistan Week 2012


Short is back, Sana Safina’s collection for FPW was announcing it loud. Although short is back for one year but people are not taking too much interest in them, but after seeing the magnificent collection of Sana Safina at FPW Karachi, people will definitely fall back for short shirts.

Sana Safina has showcased western wear on the ramp. The little shining gold dresses were looking out of the world. Models were looking very pretty in the dresses. The dresses were wearable they haven’t created too much mess with creativity. The collection got great reception from the viewers.

Long flowing and elegant gowns were also their, I must say I have never seen such gowns before, Sana Safina definitely know how to do magic…

Sana Safinaz elegant gown for 3rd Fashion Pakistan Week 2012

Velvet, silk and moonlight was fabric that Sana Safina are using for their latest collection. Colors they have used were bold and speaking out loud. From elegant to bold and supple to loud every hue of color was there in Sana and Safinaz collection.

Let’s have a look at Sana  Safinaz latest collection for 3rd fashion Pakistan week 2012 Karachi:

213 211 220 212 202 219 204 209 203 214 205 208



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