Sadia Mirza Eid Formal Cllection

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Second Noor-ul-Aine Collection By Sadia Mirza:

After the success of Noor-ul-Aine collection, Sadia Mirza has introduced Volume 2 of the collection. In the future, the season of weddings, Miruzanoa-ul-Aine in 2012 has been published in the appropriate time considerably. Mirza has been configured in that pocket, also dressed in formal wedding receptions as well as the second volume of noor-ul-Aine collection in 2012. Most shirts and ghararas, but are included in the collection, which includes pants, shirt also.

sadia mirza eid formal cllection

Mirza is the fashion Guru Designer and famous, very talented in our country. Her label ‘began a few years ago of virtue Mirza. Designer wedding wear, western wear, prĂȘt and accessories to provide for women. Line has been created in all the different types of outfits, each row will provide many different options for our customers. Mirza, the accessories is quite unique outfit and has been created. Therefore, the label of Mirza stylish outfit, I like thousands of women.

Dresses for 2012 for women can be seen under the Miruzanoa-ul-Aine Collection 2. Is a fairly elegant outfits, they? Is not that really has to reflect the women of the Orient. Powerhouse of your wedding if it was to Mirza, can you meet her appointment. For Human Resources, you can make a call in the following number.

sadia mirza eid formal cllection

Sadia Mirza has a lable virtue, Don Quixote is a bold type. His works, like the costume of unique outfits, individual women, power and fascination raw, and define femininity that is characteristic of essentially all true. To focus on diversity, creative energy of her six Mirza, has been expanding on a separate line.

1-Mavz Eid Dresses For Women

2-Anum Salik Ready To Wear

3-Nicki Nina Valentines Collection 2012

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