Ramadan Diet And Health Care For Men

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Stay Fit In Ramadan:

Ramadan is around and the month is come to check on our habits plus our eating habits. But usually it happens like instead gaining physical health people loose it all they gain is weight and anxiety. With the start of Ramadan all people can think about is sahar and iftaar meals which includes severely oily and deep fried stuff. These foods bring chubbiness and eventually heart problems for men specially. Women gets more physical activity in Ramadan plus have less chance of heart diseases. So we are going to focus on healthy diet in Ramadan for men. Men’s fitness in Ramadan is more concerned by us. Foods served in Ramadan and men’s activity in this month are making unhealthy turns for men. Men feel lazy during fast and lazier after iftaar when they eat to the brim at meal times. Others feel low on energy and take this month as an excuse to be off the gym and don’t workout.

Here are some fitness tips for men about health care and to avoid trouble of health this month.

ramadan diet and health care for men


ramadan diet and health care for men

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