Prevent Ageing By Simple Routine

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Dos And Don’ts To Prevent Wrinkles:

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Skin is soft, supple and delicate part of our body so we need not to be tough, rough or forceful with it. Always be gentle in its treatment and try to go for only natural treatments and remedies, otherwise results of being harsh with your delicate and flimsy skin especially your facial and neck skin, will soon be appeared as wrinkles and drooping and loosing of your skin. Here are some tips, dos and don’ts which well prove to be effective and will keep your skin healthy and will also give fast results:
Drink plenty of water as it keeps the skin clean, clear and glowing. It helps remove unwanted toxic materials from the body.
Do not forget to use a natural sun protecting cream each day you go out as ultraviolet rays of the sun takes and fades away the natural beauty and charm of the skin and facilitates in development of wrinkles around your eyes and every skin surface that remains exposed to sun.
There is an important role of diet for keeping one in fine and good health. It has wonders of effects on skin too. Balanced and proper diet keeps the skin glowing and wrinkles free for sure. Eating green vegetables, eggs, nuts, fish, sprouts, papaya,
purple colored fruits etc keeps you fit, active and energetic as well as helps slows down the aging lines process.
Drinking plenty of fresh fruit juices is another great plan to prevent aging lines and also avoiding alcohols and minimize drinking soft drinks as much as you can. Also avoid too much tea intake.
If you really want to reduce your wrinkles or fine line around eyes and
necks look fresh and beautiful then you must not smoke or stop smoking.
Do a face scrub using only natural and mild home available products such as using yogurt, turmeric, rose water, honey in your facial mask once a week for keeping skin soft, clean and dead skin free and fresh. This also reduces wrinkles or aging sign.
Avoid using market scrubs and masks as they contain chemicals that may give negative results later.
Never stretch, press hardly or harshly or rub hard your skin.
Keep your skin well moisturize during all seasons, using various natural products and remedies such as jojoba oil, milk cream, rose water etc
Live a stress and tension free life. Try to control your anger and overcome your depression. Always keep a beautiful smile on your face to avoid and slow down wrinkle lines process.
Avoid chemical-based injection and other laser treatments to the skin to reduce aging signs or wrinkles as they are damaging and injurious.

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