Patiala Shalwar Kameez Trend

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Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Patiala Shalwar, a type of female trousers, has its basis in Patiala City in the Northern region of Punjab state in India. Patiala shalwar is also acknowledged as pattian wali salwar.
The Patiala Shalwar is also associated to pathani salwar dress which has comparable loose lowers as salwars and extended knee length top known as Kameez.

Patiala dress is the most common as well as favorite dress of the women of Punjab and other regions of Northern India. It is comfortable and durable in summer season.

patiala shalwar kameez trend
Patiala Salwar was the most leading trend in the last years in all over the Asia and subcontinent Since the patiala salwar is very loose-fitting and stitched with many pleats it is a very easy and comfy outfit to wear. Its distinctive feature is folds of cloth stitched together that meet at the bottom.It has pleats in a falling manner. This draping effect imparts an beautiful look and the drape falls like a fluid. It is worn with a short and tight kameez for balancing the ratio.
Patiala salwar kameez are taking the fashion world by gale and gust nowadays. The whole set comes in multiplicity of fabrics, colors and patterns opening from plain, printed as well as embroidered designs. Their eye-catching silhouette has swept away hearts of many women. Loose fitting, comfortable yet fashionable is their noticeable part. Their one brief look is sufficient to detain your attention. Patiala Salwar Kameez  is basically a dress from Punjab but its enticing appeal gradually has made an impact in other parts of India as well as other countries.

patiala shalwar kameez trend
A patiala salwar kameez is really racial and is very relaxed too. Many women have taken on this self-effacing outfit as it is just the precise mix of traditional as well as trendy look.  There are particular figures of women on which this fashion looks noteworthy and remarkable:
1-patiala salwar kameez looks more amazing on taller and slimmer women.
2-Due to its hefty features, Patiala Salwar Kameez is less suitable for lesser and fat women.
3-For pear shape figures, it does wonders by camouflaging their bottom heavy part with the drape and pleats.
It is very fine wear for the summer season to remain cool due to its relaxing and baggy fit. There is no severe set of rules for the designs for sleeves, front and back neckline designs and depth and curves and cuts. Patiala salwars entail twofold length of material to get stitched.
Patyala shalwar types:
In Patiala Salwar Kameez, kameez is same as other traditional designs. Normally the salwar of patiala salwar kameez is having a number of plates of different styles.

1-Traditional Styles Patiala Salwar:
It is wide spread and has a big room for hips and legs movements. From top, it has belt like any other traditional salwar and a long channel for tie.
2-Modern style patiala salwar:

This type of Patiala shalwar has bundle of drapes and pleats in trouser salwar. Mostly Punjabi young girls wear these types of salwar dresses as night parties and college function as a college fashion. This type of Patiala shalwar has embroidery kurti / kameez in maroon color and may also wear as bridal party wear.

3-Normal style patiala salwar:

It have a little plates but showing the patiala culture. This dress have short sleeve kameez with dupatta. These types of dresses are wear as casual parties or casual wear.

4-Pathani and laila style Patiala shalwar:

This patiala salwar pattern have little bit touch of pathani (included Afghani) salwar dress and Laila salwar style. The kameez have sweet-heart neck style.

5-Mughal style patiala salwar:

It’s a latest patiala fashion with a little bit touch of mughal style. As mughal dresses follows the churidar salwar but this patiala trouser is designed for royal cultural dress.

6-Floral style patiala shalwar:

It has Punjabi traditional patiala salwar with stylish drapes and pleats
It is worn with Desi style of Punjabi kurti or kameez neckline for casual and parties.

7-Indian Punjabi royal style patiala shalwar:

This dress have patiala trouser with embroidered kameez. This shahi (Royal) dress have half sleeve dress with Vee neckline.

8-Cotton patiala salwar:
Cotton patiala salwar kameez is also in these days for summer season and looks impressive with short lawn kurties.


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