New Tribal Tattoo Designs

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Tribal Tattoos Ideas

Tattooing is in practice for centuries. Old tribes use to pierce and paint their body. In those times it was like medals for people of tribes and describe their status in their tribe. Now a days people are engraving tattoos inspired from those tribal tattoos of old times.

Among tattoo lovers, most have one tribal tattoo at least. Tribal tattoo represent strength and power and have variety of designs. They are inspired from tribes of America, Egypt, China and Africa. These are more popular in men but women can have one of these too. Normally people think the tribal tattoos have only masculine designs but it’s not true, Tribal tattoos for women are also available and they are feminine. Tribal tattoos do not only have abstract design, they can be combined with other tattoo designs. For men tribal tattoo designs can be combined with dragon, tribal fire, skull or other masculine tattoos.

Women can combine their tribal tattoo with flowers, hearts and butterflies. you can combine them with quotation too. Your creativity is stopping here you can choose what you want to combine with your tribal tattoo. Tribal tattoos alone are also perfect. People usually prefer to engrave a tribal tattoo on shoulder, back or lower back. Now a days tattoo artists are designing tribal tattoos with contemporary ideas.

Have a look at more tribal tattoo ideas for girls and boys:

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