New Fruity Nail Designs

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Juicy Fruity Nail Art:

Fruits are colorful and healthy part of our life. Fruits make your skin glow and give color to your cheeks. Why not using them to make your nails colorful. Texture of fruits is very beautiful, they definitely can be used for decoration of nails. Painting fruits on your nails will give fun and colorful look to your nails.

new fruit nail art designs

Fruits nail art is usually recommended in summer because of it’s colors, feel and texture. Paint apples, oranges, lemon, watermelon, kiwi and other fruits. Your fruit nail art will give your outfit a new look and will show the fun part of your personality.

new fruit nail art designs

Isn’t it fun to drink lemonade with lemons painted on your nails. Or Eating watermelon with the watermelon nails. You can make a fruit nail art according to print of your dress. Like you can have green apple nails with your green dress or watermelon nails with your red polka dots…

new fruit nail art designs

new fruit nail art designs

With fruit nail art you can be more creative and can be center of attention in a gathering.

Check out some more fruit nail art designs.

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