Nail Colors In Spring Summer 2012

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Nail Color Trend For Spring/Summer 2012

A new season has started so as the news season of trends has started. Which indicates that it’s time to replace old colors with new one. For spring and summer light, bright and lively colors are preferred same is the case of nails colors. In fact spring and summer are the season in which our hands and feet are exposed. Nail colors for spring and summer 2012 are bright and sunny like the season. Not a big difference between accessories colors and nail colors because girls like their shoes, bags and nails matching each other.


Here are some colors for nails in Summer 2012:

Orange: Summer is about bright colours. Orange is bright and bold which can go well with light coloured dresses. Summer colours such as white and multi-colour will be best accessorized with orange painted nails.

White: To look classic in your formal look even in the summer season, you go apply white nail polish and use some nail art to look stylish. White is an all time hit nail polish trend not only for summer but every season. You can use shimmer to design beautiful yet funky nail art.


Red: The bold and beautiful look fo4r the summer will look best in red nail polish. This is the trend since 2 years and 2012 also has this nail colour in the top trend list. Look stylish and gorgeous with the bold red nails!

Gold: Beat the heat with a golden nail polish. Summer 2012 nail polish trends has gold nail polish which can be teamed up with black colour to design your nails for a shimmery evening night out!


Pink: The feminine look can be achieved by just using pink nail colour. Add boldness to this cute summer nail colour by adding dark blue colour.

Blue: Blue toe nails will look great in sea beach! Slippers are something which needs to be flaunted well with dark toe nail colours. You can either use red, orange or blue nail colour this summer 2012! dramatic blue is totally in for your hand and toe nails.


For Spring and Summer 2012 colors for nails are inspired from flowers. The nail art pattern which the designers are introducing this season are floral but their are no boundaries for nail art designs, animal prints still have some charm left in them.

Check out some more Color shades and design ideas for nails for spring summer 2012:

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