Nail Care Tips For Long Nails

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Tips To Grow Long Nails

nail care tips for long nails

Beautiful, long, naturally shiny and healthy nails looks stylish and classy and adds and say a lot about your personality, style and confidence. Growing long nails which are strong and healthy as well is not an easy task. We have brought together some simple tips to guide you to care and have beautiful long and strong natural nails.
File your nails using a good quality nail file to avoid any damage to the nail and make it hard to grow nails.
If you have brittle nails then trim nails after a bath, or soak hand in bath oil for 15 minute then apply a moisturizer and then trim.
Using nail polish remover more than twice a month dries up the nails as it contains chemicals as an alternative, touch up the nail polish.
If you need to use a nail polish remover then avoid those that contain acetone.
Moisturize your nails habitually just like you do to your hands. Massage lotion or oil on your nails too whenever you are moisturizing your hands. Also apply moisturizer each time you wash hands and after taking bath.
Moisturizing nails frequently and regularly with good oil or a nail cream or moisturizer help your nails grow longer and faster. They become strong otherwise the dry nails break and split easily.
Massage nail beds before sleeping for about ten seconds per nail is also good
Try not to cut your cuticles as an alternative, apply cuticle cream and gently push the cuticles back with the help of cuticle stick.
Avoid nail hardeners is they contain formaldehyde, which deteriorates and weaken the nails sooner or later.
Wear gloves while doing household chores such as washing clothes etc to protect your hands and nails.
Don’t bit your nails.
Never use your nails as tools instead use your fingers or a pen, to do tasks like dialing the phone etc to avoid them from breaking.
The length for your nails depends on your activities and your lifestyle but in general the most favorable and handy should not extend more than one third of the body of the nail.
It is noticed that when the nails are all of equal length and shaped square, oval, or round they break less.
Try to use colored nail polish while you are growing your nails as it makes your nails prominent to you and you become more conscious of your hands and try to use them in a way that keeps your nail polish undamaged and nails protected and also chips are more notably spotted so you can make instant repairs.
Rub garlic clove to make nails stronger and grows faster.
Applying and massaging with olive oil on nails make them stronger.

Diet For Healthy Long Nails

For strong and healthy long nails you need to take balanced and proper diet as:
Lack of vitamin A and calcium cause dryness and brittleness of nails.
Lack of protein, folic acid and vitamin C cause nails to hang
protein deficiency causes white bands across the nails
Lack of sufficient hydrochloric acid causing splitting nails.
Insufficient intake of vitamin B12 cause darkening of nails.
Insufficient zinc cause white spots on the nails
Therefore to strengthen nails you need to make some dietary changes and intake diet that is high in protein and essential vitamins.
Also you can take a 2.5-mg tablet of biotin each day that is vitamin B-7. It will increase the thickness of your nails and will make them stronger.
Drink lots of milk and eat food with vitamin D to make your nails grow faster.
Therefore long, strong, shiny and beautiful nails need time, care and attention to grow and maintain. So be patient and take good caring of your nails following all the above tips and the results will be well worth it.

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