Men Hairstyles For 2013

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Men Hairstyles For 2013:

People are always curious that what is next… Hairstyles are important to complete your look so it’s important to know which hairstyle trend to follow, it’s important to know that what’s in and what’s out. Runway shows always decides what is coming trend to follow and it’s not only for clothes. Now a days in fashion shows designers focus on a complete look of a person.

men hairstyles 2013

Not only dress and clothes but accessories, shoes, hairstyle even weight is decided on the runway. Here we are going to talk about men hairstyles for spring summer 2013 and also for fall winter 2013. Men fashion is getting more popularity than women there was a handful of men who liked to groom their personality but now it is a good trend that every guy is conscious about latest trend for men and his looks. Every year trend changes which includes hairstyle trend for men. New year comes with fresh ideas and looks. Designer and Stylists are putting more effort in new men hairstyles and the hairstyles are getting more and more creative. Lets talk about latest men hairstyles for 2013.

Slick Hair:

Slick hair are staying for spring 2013 with a nerdy side part. It is the time of revival of this classic hairstyle I guess David Beckham fever is not over yet. Slick hairstyle was mostly adopted by older people but now it’s everyday hairstyle for young men. Givenchy and D&G styled their models with this hairstyle for their resort 2013 collections. Slick hairstyle with side part is easy to carry hairstyle and a good formal look for 2013 but not only the formal look, stylists are predicting that it’ll be street style this year.

men hairstyles 2013

Undercut Feather: Brit Rock Hairstyle.

Some Experts call this hairstyle as Brit rock hairstyle. We are this hairstyle every year for many years and still it’s rocking. This year in 2013 the hairstyle is coming with a slight change, it’s visibly unevenly cut. Runway shows are presenting this look for 2013. The reason of fame of this hairstyle is it’s wearable for both curly and straight hair. The hairstyle is about texture and good for guys with more hair volume. This hairstyle is in trend for 5 years and not going anywhere. Every years this hairstyle comes with some new touch this year it is unevenly done.

Go For More Bold Look:

If you want to experiment with your hair you can try this side part hair. It’s the hairstyle we are seeing in 2013 after few years. It’s vintage hairstyle but is difficult to carry. Men who wants to try bolder looks can go with this side part hairstyle.

2013 Curly Hairstyles:

Curls are the most stylish hair, with their texture curly hairstyle become the most sexy hairstyle and give a man sexier look. Softer curls with 60’s and 70’s era’s haircut in will be the hottest trend of hair in2013. Curls have their own logics and nature, they can be thick or loose but in 2013 try loose curls with a slight side part like above image, James Dean.



Spikes this year is the same as last year but with matt finish. spikes are shorter this year with no gels and shine. If you want to go with your usual peak cut hairstyle you can go with it but if you want innovative and new look with new year then go with shorter hair with spikes or peak cut and make it with no shine.


Check out these spikes or peak cut hairstyle it is levelled from the top. Seems worth trying.


Long Hairstyles:

For 2013, keep your long hair the traditional way that way your long hair will be safe and stylish. Long and medium length hair for men is ruling the runway for 2013. Long hairstyles are with their traditional way.

Or you can try sleek straight long and medium length hairstyle for your hair. Try centre part.

If you want some fun with your hair and can carry such a bold look then  try 70’s rock star long hairstyle. The look is really bold try it to have some fun and look trendy. The look is definitely eye popping.

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