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Melody Ehsani Design has started to work in the field of designing since 2010 and has always designed awesome yet unique jewellery. Melody Ehsani was born in Los Angeles in a traditional Persian family, she was into designing since her childhood. She had to join Law school but followed her heart and come into her favorite field. She said she want to break the rules, Persian culture provoke her to do so. In Persian culture a woman’s status is usually defined by her marriage. Melody wanted to break these laws, she want that every woman must have the same opportunity of self expression, she want equality for them, she want a woman to be known by herself. Like us all, she believe on uniqueness of every human being and that every one deserve success on the bases of their talent.

Melody Ehsani says, “I want the women who wear my shoes to have the same opportunity for equality, wholeness, and self-expression. My style is inspired by paradox, controversy, justice and pushing the envelope in showing that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover. I design to upset the equilibrium. I design to inspire. I design to serve. I design because I was created to do so.” Good thing to know, a portion of her shoes sales go for the education and betterment of women in the society.

Melody Ehsani design chains, watches, shoes and jewellery. In her Jewellery, her products are rings, earrings, pins, necklaces, broaches etc.. Melody has become a clear heart favorite of the women who wants to spice up their clothes with something very unique. She has a special offer in that she allows her clients to have customizable jewelry. Her designs are not only popular in common girls but also in most of the celebrity fashionistas. What else I can say Melody Ehsani is famous in celebrities for her jewellery and shoes. Her jewellery is not only jewellery, for me it’s Rocking Jewellery or as say it Rockellery.

There is an unending list of celebrities liking Melody Ehsani’s accessories. RihannaAlicia keys, Kerri Hilson, Angela & Vanessa Simmons, Ciara, Amber Rose, Christina Milian, Mariah Carey & Erykah Badu, are only a few of the celebrities who have been possessed by Melody Ehsani’s accessories. Her famous I’m fly ring is worth a mantion. People loved that ring, and still loving it.
Melody Ehsani Design has designed their latest jewelry, the recent collection is funky, it has rings, earrings and necklaces, her designs are worth wearing I must say. Her collection is for women, specially for girls. Teenagers can carry it well.

This collection sustain the uniqueness of Melody’s designs. This funky jeweleries collection by Melody Ehsani Design 2012 includs Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings. Colors she chose are very cool. Good thing about Melody’s latest collection is that it can be wear casually and formally as well because the jewelry is so unique and appealing that it can be accepted in every environment, designs are according to the latest trends.

Ley’s have a look at Rocking Jeweleries collection by Melody Ehsani Design 2012 for women..

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