Mark Patterson Jewellery Inspired By Fruits

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Fruits from Mark Patterson Jewellery:

The Mark Patterson Collection is the essence of innovation and uniqueness with stunning designs that offer a glamorous yet wearable look. There designed jewellery is both innovative and classic. Some if the eye-catching fruit jewelry from Mark Patterson Jewelry are

Pineapple with Yellow Sapphires and Diamonds.

Mark Patterson Fruit Collection was introduced in the Eighties and was sold entirely at Tiffany for 10 years and is still in demand. They are considered to be classic and one of its kind. They are elite and for all time pretty worn together. The Mark Patterson Fruit Collection has inspiring designs and also fashion oriented and incorporates Natural Frequencies for a better life.

Cherries with 2 different tones of Rubies and Diamonds.

The reflection process behind these fruits look-a-like jewelry by Mark Patterson is simple – just as you be given important vitamins from fresh fruits, so that you can get important natural frequencies that work with your body’s energy. Featuring lemon, cherries, pineapple, pear and strawberries-they’ve designed a collection of high quality, that reflect the true colors and looks of natural fruits.

Pear with Tsavorites and Diamonds.

Lime with Tsavorites and Diamonds.

Mark Patterson created this collection in precious metals diamonds and gemstones to epitomize the perfect balance and beauty that defines the idea of fresh fruits and natural frequencies. They fused classic elegance with modern inspiration. They shine vibrantly and brightly. They will look great with all kinds of dresses and most excellent at all kinds of occasion.

Strawberry Pin with Rubies and Diamonds.

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