Maria B’s Mgirl Collection 2012

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Maria B Funky M girl For Girls

Pakistani designer Maria. B is a well known figure of fashion industry. Maria is producing high quality outfits which meets the international standards. Maria B has graduated from Pakistan School of Fashion Design (affiliated with La Chambre Syndicale de Parissiene (Paris)) and started her design house in 1999. Now her design house,with two hundred (200) employees, is one of the largest manufacturing design house of Pakistan. The important thing about Maria’s design house is that she was the first one in Pakistan who hired professionally trained designers for her design house. Her professional approach can be seen in her work and satisfaction of her clients is the proof of it. Maria’s design house is famous for her delivery in time. Maria B has four outlets in Pakistan and many franchises outside Pakistan, in USA and UK. Maria. B has also worked as T.V host.


In her eight year work, Maria. B has become the most known fashion designer of Pakistan, her agenda is affordable fashion for modern women, by following her agenda, Maria has designed fabulous dresses which are affordable for common women of Pakistan. The agenda was a challenge, Maria took it and prove that less is more. Maria B has revolutionized Pakistani fashion industry with her unique designs. Her chic image can be seen in her every line, whether it is Maria’s Casual Wear, Lawn, Bridal Wear, Evening Wear or Western Wear. Maria’s design philosophy is balancing the colors, she said that she use two or three different color patterns for one fabric, and they suit each other. She said that she never mix earthy tones with pastel colors on one fabric, Instead she take three shades of one color to balance the combination of colors. Maria’s collections are always the talk of fashion shows.

Maria. B started a unique line for girls, the pret line is named as M girl. This new hip and trendy line from Maria. B is a gift for Pakistani girls. For her line Maria is designing clothes, bags, shoes, semi precious jewellery and accessories. The line is designed by keeping a lovely Pakistani girl in mind. M girl collections are hip, some times wild some times soft, chic and trendy. Every thing a blooming Pakistani girls dream for, she can find under one roof. You don’t need to buy a dress and match shoes and accessories with it, you can find a complete├é┬ápackage for you with some special tips to carry them from Maria. B. Guaranteed satisfaction for the girls who want it. M girl collection are fun to wear, Mari B really love Pakistani girls as princesses. M girl semi precious jewelery is for weddings, it is gold platted and platinum platted too, silver is the basic material used to make jewelry. Semi precious stones are used in jewelery which make the jewelry affordable. Stones like termeline, zarcins and topaz are used.

Maria B’s latest M girl collection is wonderful as expected. M girl collection present western trends like fitted tunics paired with leggings, silver, gold and neon color pumps, belted dresses, tapered heels, very classy bags and open toe shoes. All M girl products are high quality and their price is reasonable. M girl collection is produced massively as it is demanded. As I have said earlier, it is a complete package for girls, you’ll find perfect match shoes for you dress from M girl, finding the right accessories is no longer a problem for M girl’s clients. In Maria’s latest M girl collection she design shoes, bangles and bags. Pumps with embellishments are there, M girl collection has leopard print pumps too. Silver and gold heels She has introduced this season, very bold colors for shoes but beautifully designed and meeting the needs of girl of today. M girl shoes can be weared with casual outfit and it can also be weared with formal dresses. Clutches that M girl produce this year are classy, embellished with stones make these clutches look royal. Her clutches can be used with casual wear and also they can be carried with formal wear. Maria B also design colorful bangles for this spring season. Maria B has designed clutches and shoes in pair, they go perfect with each other, such pairs always increase grace of the over all look of a girl or a woman. Maria B’s 2012 collection is different from usual trend of local designers, which is again making her a unique designer. M girl Collection 2012 is a great success for Maria B and a great hit in Pakistani teenage girls and girls which are in her twenties.

Let’s have a look at Maria. B’s M girl Collection 2012 and her work for M girl so far

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