Makeup Tips For Tanned Color Tone

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Makeup Tips For Dark Skin:

Sun brings suplended colors from neutrals to vibrant. If you go to summer decorating trends followed the tracks then you might get into trouble making a huge mistake. If you then are recommended darkly darkly finish.

dark skin makeup

Eye shades:

Ladies with a dark skin tone need to choose the right colors from the dark skin makeup; with a dark skin you definitely cannot go for a shimmery pink eye makeup rather get hold of a nice copper shade that will give the dark skin a lighter tone. So if you really want to sparkle this summer with the nice bold color then for your dark skin the makeup and specifically eye shade colors will be from the shades of browns, gold and bronze. The sparkle will give you a nice bold and vibrant look. The darker your skin the dark skin makeup will be easier to stay for long because dark skin tends to be oily so make sure you use a primer for the lids.

Lipstick Shades:

Even in dark skin makeup the lips have to be natural and light with a nice nude look. See the colors of your lips and choose the color of the gloss or a lipstick accordingly. For dark skin tones you definitely do not want the lips to be bright because this will make you look darker.

If you want to give your lips a fresh look and you want dark skin makeup to tone down the shade of the skin then you need to get hold of a nice lip liner that redefines your lips and makes them luscious.


As already mentioned the dark skin has a problem of being oily so use a foundation with less oil and specifically is oil free and also use a good oil free primer.

The world has taken a step ahead and now is making the makeup for all the skin tones. So don’t just worry and get dark skin makeup and put on the foundation that is either the same shade as of the shade of your skin or it can be preferably one shade lighter than the skin tone so that it gives a finished and neat look to the face.

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