Make Tie Dye Nail Art

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Nail Art Inspired By Tie Dye Fabric Patterns

Tie dye  is hot trend this season and will stay in 2013, it’s not just for clothes but girls are wearing tie dye bags and other accessories if it is so why not tie dye nails….???.. You’ll thing that creating this effect is difficult and require skill and practice, it’s funny that many nail art which looks complicated are easy to make.

Creating tie dye inspired nail art will be cool with some other tie dye accessory, trust me your tie dye nails will catch a lot of attention and appreciation. You can create tie dye effect with a sponge or with simple marble nail art technique just choose the right colours and  make a proper pattern. In this post I am going to show you ideas for creating tie dye effect on nails and few methods of creating these.

To create this nail art see the images and follow the simple instructions.

Apply base coat, white let it dry.

Put the colours of your choice on a sponge in the shape you want.

Dap the sponge on any dry surface to get rid of extra nail polish which can cause a mess.

And then press the sponge on your nail for tie dye effect.

Check out another spicy method of creating tie dye nails.

I am posting a video for you guys to get idea of tie dye nail art making.

Do the Tie Dye Nail Art With Plastic Wrap. Check Out This Really Easy Method


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  Do The Tie Dye Nail Art Simply With Nail Polish Brushes.


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