Maheen Kareem Elegant Collection For Women

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Maheen Kareem Collection And Photo shoot:

Maheen Kareem, a well-known brand name, is a ready to wear revolutionary women’s western evening wear in Pakistan. It focuses on the designing of lavish and luxury garments with abet of novel cuts and a silhouette with universal charisma and fascination.
She is a prestigious graduate of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She returned to Pakistan in 2006 after working with internationally acclaimed and much-admired fashion houses in the west.

maheen kareem dresses for women

She has captured a place in market globally due to her inventive and innovative silhouettes and use of original and magnificent fabrics. She uses pure materials and well-to-do foreign craftsmanship available in Pakistan to create garments with local and international appeal and demand. She is specialized in luxury cocktail wear as well as pret-a-porter.

Maheen Karim is a brand known for its elegance, modishness and glamour. She Amalgamate eastern embellishments with contemporary, trendy silhouettes to generate artistically exclusive and matchless collections. She has grant women with a sanctuary where they can access quality, fascinating cocktail wear without feeling the need to venture abroad. Maheen has won numerous awards for her collections. She was recently awarded the prestigious Lux Style Award 2008 for achievement as most excellent Prêt-a-Porter designer in Pakistan.

For Maheen kareem “impossible is nothing” and the term wearable only meant that the garment should not disband whilst on the person.  There are no boundaries for her to abstract and give the right raw materials and technical expertise. She is a creator, to draw without any inhibitions and has brought creativity to life. She sift her creativity and channel in order to provide the potential customer, with a garment that enhances his or her confidence and permits them to feel superior about themselves and feel special.

Her designs cater to the affluent Pakistani women of all ages who want to dress like glamorous chic, elegantly and has no reserve. Her collections are confident and bold, and for one who is looking for luxury that gives comfort. Her current collection is an amalgamation of fun, full of life holiday eveningwear and magnificence occasion wear for the upcoming festive season. Her new collection brings out a host of ravishing new styles and color palettes. It includes:
1-Floating skirts bearing the impression of a bright summer’s colorful palette,.
2-Evening dresses are embellished with Swarovski gems, also smart and trendy shirts with ruffled twist and chic trousers.
3-Stretching from Bohemian tops to Hellenic gathered drapes with silk tassels.
4-And also her signature stripe etc

She uses the spectacular raw materials and excellent craftsmanship for her collection to create garments of comprehensive appeal. The Maheen kareem’s trendy silhouettes and experiment with shape had furnished the woman of 21st century Pakistan and abroad she has brought glamour and glitz in a garment.

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