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Today our topic is about how to lose weight. There are many ways to lose weight but the most effective and safe ways I will discuss with you’ll further in details. People think by dieting and skipping meals is the best and appropriate way of losing weight, but I consider it as the wrong way. Dieting and skipping meals can create a lot of problems. Though you may lose weight by doing so but there are side effects to.
Let’s first discuss about skipping meals. This is the worst way of losing weight. We think that by skipping meals we can lose a lot of pounds, but we are wrong. By skipping meals we put on more weight. How??? the answer is, not eating slower your metabolic rate and then when you think you have achieved your target weight and start eating normally, your slow metabolic rate cause gain in your weight. By skipping meals we keep ourselves hungry, that causes the gas in our stomach to build up. The increment of gas in our stomachs can lead to increase in weight and we start to bloat. By skipping meals you can even be affected with gastritis.
Now let’s discuss about dieting. Dieting is good to some extent like for e.g., abstaining from a certain things which increases weight. Potatoes, rice, red meet etc can cause increase in weight. Dieting can also have side effects to. By dieting we forget that there are certain types of food that we should have in less quantity so that we can have a balance diet. Dieting causes dehydration and loss of essential nutrients in our body.
The other way of losing weight is by having green tea. Green tea has essential antioxidants that helps reduce weight faster. Excessive intake of green tea can cause nervous breakdowns because it contains caffeine in high quantity. The best and most effective way of losing weight is by exercising and sporting. This is the best and most effective way of losing weight. It does not have any side effects.
By exercising we not only lose but even help maintain our physic. Remember when you plan on dieting make a chart on which you can mention the balance meal you going to intake during this period.
Make sure you plan things wisely and take the essential steps of losing weight, rather than doing things that can make your health worse. Do go to a good dietician as well and take their advice before planning out your diet chart.

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