Loose Curls Hairstyle – Curly Hair How To

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Create Soft and Loose Waves In Your Hair

Soft and Loose Waves are these days in trend, as they look cool and beautiful. They give a feminine charm and look perfect like curls. So if you are looking for new hairstyle look why not to try these loose and sexy curls. They are easy to make and needs just 15-20 minutes to create them. So here are the step-by-step instructions to get these

how to curly hair
Things you will need are:
Regular volumizing and styling hair spray
Blow dryer
Ponytail bands
Texturising spray

  • Prepare your hair by brushing them well and using a styling hair spray. Sprit on roots and comb well through hair.
  • Part your hair down the centre.
  • Now blow dry your hair, scrunching and creasing hair as you go. If you already have curly hair, then don’t scrunch. Instead dry them straight using a paddle brush.
  • When your hair gets 90 percent dry divide and separate your hair as you would do, to create 2 pigtails.
  • Now secure pigtails with the help of pony tail tie or bands.
  • First take one side hair and twist or coil them in one direction. Your hair will naturally and easily twist itself into a bun.
  • Now secure it at ear level, with the help of a ponytail band. You can also keep hair in place using bobby pins.
  • Now again repeat the exact same procedure on the other side of hair, so you will have two buns at your ear level.
  • Now it’s time to blast the buns and also your whole head with the hair dryer. Do it for about 5 to 10 minutes or until hair gets complete dry.
  • Then leave your hair in buns for about 10-20 minutes to let them set.
  • Then before leaving, take hair out of the buns and use fingers to comb curls. Remember not to use brush.
  • You can also apply a texturizing spray to part the waves and for keeping them from looking too perfect.
  • Then Sprit some hairspray on hair.

You’re done!

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