Lips Care Tips For Men

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lips Care For Men

lips care for men

Dry, cracked lips are a common condition that affects both men and women. Your lips are constantly exposed to environmental irritants and other sources of abuse. Not only woman who desires for soft lips, men also tried of cracked and dry lips. Therefore to protect your lips against sun and wind damage, with just a few routine care u can get softer, smoother, kissable lips.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will keep your body and the skin hydrated, including the skin of your lips, soft and smooth. It will also help off cracking.

Brush your lower lip in a gentle circular motion with a soft bristle toothbrush to avoid dry dead skin and to make it softer. Massage it for one minute, and then repeat on the upper lip. Do this once a day. If you feel any redness then minimizes the motion time.

Take olive oil on your finger and apply to your lips in a circular motion. Leave on for 2 minutes then clean it away with a clean wash cloth. Do this twice a day to help rid your lips of cracks and keep them soft. If olive oil is not available, then u can use lip balm with built-in sun protection every time you go outside, you can use butter and honey as they are both good substitutes. As your lips are soft, repeat these procedures weekly.

You can apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your lips before going to bed. As the petroleum jelly get dry, and then apply a second, thicker coat. Wipe away in the morning. You can also use a lip balm. All these products and ingredients are available easily on stores;

Licking your lips can dry them out and cause cracking.

Lip balms and lip care products are available without color, which are suitable for men.

Therefore if your lips don’t get soft and smooth still after following these routine procedures and there are still dry and cracked then you must concern your doctor.

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