Latest Polo Shirts For Men By Khaadi Khaas

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Khaadi Khaas New Single Colour Polo Shirts Collection For Boys

men fashion latest polo shirts


Khaadi is Pakistani brand which works for hand woven fabric and design ready to wear for men and women. Here is the collection of polo shirts for boys by Khaadi.
Many of us are confused with the concept of polo shirt, polo shirt is a shirt with collars and buttons but is T-shape shirt which may or may not have a pocket, polo shirts are single coloured, striped or printed. Polo shirt is made of cotton, any woven fabric or wool. People start wearing polo shirts for playing golf or tennis for comfort, that is how this shirt is introdued and is a now a popular casual and sports wear. Polo shirt usually have a logo but is not necessary. Polo shirts are not only for boys, girls polo shirts are also designed by designers.

men fashion latest polo shirts
Colourful plain polo shirts for boys are launched by Khaadi a month back, The shirts have juicy casual colours. Khaadi has presented the polo shirts collection with good presentation, male models with different getups are presenting diffrent professions, age groups and different types of personalities are showcasing polo shirts which is giving the idea that how anybody can carry polo shirt.

Take A look a complete collection of polo shirts for men by Khaadi Khaas

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