Latest Men’s Hairstyles 2012

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Best Men Hairstyles For 2012

It’s a good trend that men has started taking interest in their looks. A decade back we see few men who take care of their looks well. We are going to talk about men hair styles here. Like women men do not need to do much with their face. All the issues with a man’s face usually starts and end on hair whether these are facial hair or their hairstyle. Most fashion experts says that men hair styles are not a fast changing trend, once a trend clicks it stays for long time they just do slight changes with them every year.

In 2012, hairstyles of 60’s are getting popular in men, Elvis Presley inspired hair are in with contemporary touch. Spikes are going no where and curls are your best friend. There is a hairstyle for every age and every type of hair, like past few years every length of hair are welcome this season. So if you want to bring charm to your life and stand out in your buddies stay updated with latest hair styles for men for the year 2012. Here, I am gonna discuss some hairstyles for men for the season of spring/summer 2012.

Elvis Presley Inspired Hairstyle:

Best hairstyles for men this season are inspired from 60’s. It’s the one hairstyle which is seriously effecting people this year. Rock and Roll Elvis Presley hairstyle is hitting the heads :). If you got his jaw  then his hairstyle is best for you. It’s the hairstyle David Beckham is wearing for his body wear add.

men hairstyles


Hairstyles for Curly Hair:

Natural curly hairstyles are hot for men in 2012. Cut your hair in 60’s style and let your hair set themselves naturally and you got the look. If it is true that you have natural curly hair I must say you are lucky for this season. In last decade curls were treated as bird’s nest, that was a cute look but that look if totally off the hook now.

men hairstyles

Undercut Hairstyles:

My personal favorite for men is this undercut hairstyle. For me it brings you the sexiest casual look and if you comb your hair these hair can be real classy and sleek. You can give them the slick look in cocktail parties.

men hairstyles

men hairstyles

Slick Back Hairstyles:

The slick back hairstyle is ever green, it doesn’t go anywhere. Specially for men over thirty, slick back is best. For daily office, office meetings and formal parties slick back hairstyle go perfect with them. In 2012, slick back  is mixed with undercut hair, now the classy style is mixed with contemporary look. Good for men of every age. Side slick is also in trend this season.

men hairstyles

men hairstyles

Short Hairstyles for men:

The cool hairstyle is no going anywhere this season, short hairstyles are always in for men. Specially best in summer. Short hairstyles always give neat, tidy and masculine look to men. Men are wearing short hairstyle with sides. The most comforting thing about short or very short hairstyles is you don’t need to comb them.

men hairstyles

Spikes and Crowns with Mohak Trend:

Spikes and Crown are staying but with a new touch, 60’s rhino horn was altered to crown hairstyle but now it is in totally by itself. If you are going to a club wear the rhino horn hairstyle you’ll definitely turn the heads. Spikes are hot women can’t resist men with spike hairstyle. You just need to do it right way.

men hairstyles

men hairstyles

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