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Elegant Jewels By Lana Jewellery:

Praise by her loyal friends and fans as the “Queen of the Hoops,” Lana Bramlette is the surface strength and Lana Jewelry. Occur at fine retailers around the world as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom (SW-Bloomingdales, using mixed combinations, and the Harrods name a few.

Lana jewellery designer has brought the main flow of gold known till today, so that all women who love fashion love to wear her jewellery. Synonymous with jewelry, subtle charm, lana’s mixed and combined with yellow roses and white Huang Jincheng unique; has developed a collector appeal.

lana’s money making goods accumulation is known for the cult in the day-to-day client and celebrities like Halle Berry, Ms Sandra Lee, head, Kate Hudson heigl Katherine Anne Ji Lina, MichellePfeiffer, Lai Su Hui, silk, and fashion designer lhuiller Monique. (the lana jewelry gift celebrities do not consider what they really feel honored, customers to buy their works just like each of us).

Lana’s designs are famous in celebrates and made TV appearance, Sex in the City, Weeds, American Idol, The View, and recently on the hit show Cashmere Mafia, as well as many feature films. Besides stunning actresses adoring Lana Jewelry™ fashion insiders have taken notice. Profiled in Lucky as “One To Watch,” LA Confidential as a “Savvy Tastemaker”, Chicago Social (CS) as a “Golden Girl,” and in Women’s Wear Daily as “What’s In A Name,” Lana has been blessed with the golden touch, according to style critics. “Lana’s collections are sleek and sexy. Her signature design offers a perfectly modern way to personalize your look,” says Kristen Mulvihill, Fashion Stylist for In Style and Lucky Magazine.

Her designs after her same tradition can be casual and fine jewellery collections, lana attention and beautiful attractions and family altar of incense in the jewelery-making to re-define the role of the state the most basic items, candles. In the development of more than a year, does not like any other in the market created a lana the most gorgeous, most luxurious candlelight.

The lana jewelry, laid a solid basis for this independent luxury brand, with its modern style and personality. The company’s core and will always be its exquisite handmade fine jewelry, which is the most wanted by the pretty and glamorous woman of the world.

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