Lady Gaga New Tattoo In Public At Her Perfume Launch

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Lady Gaga Tattoo In Front Of Fans

It looks like Tattoo war has started between the celebrities and these celebrities can go as far as they can to earn fame for their tattoo. First Rihanna got a tattoo under her breasts and showed almost her breasts on twitter she was giving tribute to her grandma. Then Chris Brown got the tattoo which resembles Rihanna’s face (when the two got into a fight). And now Lady Gaga, at her perfume launch, got a tattoo in front of her fans.

lady gaga new tattoo at perfume launch

Lady Gaga sat on a giant perfume bottle and took off her red wig to get the tattoo on the back of her head, she played the song “Inside the bottle”. Gaga took off her clothes and got the tattoo in lingerie.

You can see the tattoo Lady Gaga en carved in public. She got the tattoo of a cupid face between cupid wings.

Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Yoko Ono,  Michael Strahan, Marc Jacobs and Jason Wu were invited for the launch ceremony.

To see the video go to the Link

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