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Beautiful Bridal And Formal Wear Jewellery For Women By Sherezad

Fashion is not mean to wear an extremely Stylish and expensive dress. You can’t look stylish and attractive until unless u accessorize it with beautiful and fashionable jewelry. That’s why Jewelry has its own importance in a women life because her dressing cannot be completed with it just because of it girls spent their lot of time in selection the matching jewelry but these because of some jewelry designers these things become too easy for the girls because they are doing lots of work in jewelry designing. Like Sherezad Rahimtola revealed her latest collection of designer jewelry complementing with the traditional stone work and gold.

Sherezad Rahimtola is one of the most famous and promising Jewelry designers of Pakistan. She is specialized in timeless stone work that are beautiful because they are rare and individual. Sherezed bring gold back in the terms of matching jewelry by utilizing its unique color and attractiveness. Most of her eclectic pieces are bold and overt, Leaning towards oversized cocktail rings and chunky heritage cuffs that can be passed on the heirlooms.

bridal jewellery for women
There are some antique cuff bracelets included in her latest collection of jewelry which is amazing blend of pearl and polki. All these faboulas items are available on outlets of labels. This specific item of this collection makes u look solemn in and unique among your fellows. The design of this bracelet is antique but having some modern touches which makes it more attractive.
By pairing chunky pendent with a cluster of gemstone strings rather then skinny chain she delivers a more emphatic expression that allows signature piece to be worn. This beautiful necklace is full of tradition but having some modification in terms of look and gloss.
All the designs are purely tradition but with are based on gold work which is the most unique thing of this stunning collection because gold is said to be the glory of women look.

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