High Blood Pressure Remedy By Dr Khurram Mushir

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Remedy To Control High Blood Pressure With Food

High blood pressure is a deadly disease with no complete cure. Once you have the disease you have to live with it, high blood pressure, if not controlled, can cause heart diseases. the patient have to take high blood pressure medicine regularly to control the disease. If you want to control high blood pressure with diet or with natural herbs etc you can follow the simple tip by Dr Khurram Mushir.

high blood pressure remedy by dr khurram mushir

Fenugreek seeds are known for high blood pressure cure in old wives remedies.

Dr Khurram Mushir’s Remedy For High Blood Pressure

A tea spoon of fenugreek seeds are good to control high blood pressure if you take one tea spoon in morning and one at night. Swallow the seeds with water or seed powder. Try for two weeks you’ll feel your blood pressure normal.

Fenugreek seeds thin the blood, we all know one of the reasons of high blood pressure is thickening of blood. Plus Fenugreek seeds has cold effect and in old Medicine high blood pressure is called Blood Febricula (hotness/warmth of blood). So the two reasons of high blood pressure are controlled by Fenugreek.

Tip: For people with very high blood pressure, take half lemon juice in a glass of water in every two hours gap

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