Hair Fall Remedies For Changing Weather

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Effective Hair Fall Treatments For Long Hair

Hair are the important part of a woman’s beauty, latest surveys says men are more attracted to women with long and beautiful hair. And not only for men, many women who like their hair to be good and long. Achieving long and healthy hair takes effort, the most important problem women face about their hair is hair fall specially when the season is changing. The changing weather and diet cause hair fall. Fenugreek seeds are very effective for hair fall, it reduces hair fall and dandruff which is a great cause of hair fall, here are two effective remedies for hair fall with fenugreek.

Aloe Vera and Fenugreek For Hair Fall

hairfall tips for long hair

Slice open Aloe Vera leaf

Fill it with fenugreek seeds

It’ll look like a sandwich filled of fenugreek seeds covered with Aloe Vera Leaf

Staple the two sides of Aloe Vera leaf or roll the thread over so the two things set together.

Let it place in some dry place for a week

Give it Sun bath every morning for a week

In a week the fenugreek seeds will germinate

Blend the dried Aloe Vera pulp and germinated seed and make powder

Make paste of this powder and apply on the roots of the hair.

Tip: You can mix the powder in coconut, almond or Amla oil to apply on hair


Coconut And Fenugreek For Hair Fall

hairfall tips for long hair

Drill hole a fully ripped coconut

Fill with the fenugreek seeds

Let it be for one week

Fenugreek seeds will absorb all the coconut water and germinate

After a week break the coconut and get the fenugreek germinated seeds

Make powder of the seeds

Apply on the roots

Or mix with oil and apply on hair

Placing the oil mixtures in Sun for three days will even better for hair fall and hair health for the oil absorb a lot of Vitamin D which is good for hair and skin.

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