Glamorous Wavy Hairstyles For Girls

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Wavy Hairstyles For Women

long wavy curly hair for girls

Hairstyle are the main and basic thing to make and gave you change look. Today a lot of hairstyle has been adopted by a lot of girls. among a number of hairstyle wavy hairstyle are also liked and adopted .in wavy hairstyle they are many other hairstyle too, but one which is going on in fashion and can easily be made with iron hot machine are wavy hair with finger waves or you say s shaped hairstyle.

Wavy Hair

long wavy curly hair for girls

These light waves look marvelous and gave dazzling class to the girls. This style looks awesome in the evening parties. This hairstyle is usually taken a lot in the western countries, as this hair stand style with blonde colored hair goes awesome and gave them trendy and stylish look.

long wavy curly hair for girls
The finger waving style was very popular in late 1920 and 1930.this hairstyle can be getting by putting lotions gel .this hairstyle suits all the types of hair. It looks great on all the kind of faces. This hairstyle is also called the vintage hairstyle. Here are some tips with the help of which you can get this trendy hairstyle

First wash your hairs with shampoo and then put your towel around your hair, leaving the hair wet.
Then remove the towel and now comb your hair straight and now divide then into half from the middle, make sure you do all this in wet hair.
Now apply a waving style gel or lotion. Apply the lotion on one part of your hair first so that it does not get dry.
Now select the on which place you want to put your first ridge, after deciding place your index finger their above that point.
With the comb pointing a bit up slide it under the finger and draw the comb around the fingertip for about one inch. Do not take the comb out of your hair but lay it flat against the head to hold the ridge. Place the middle finger above the ridge you create it and the index finger on the tip of the comb’s teeth. Pressing your fingers gently on the head close them together to emphasize the ridge.
Now keep on doing the same action until u get to the crown, keeping in mind that all the ridges and the waves are similar.
Now when it is done then do form the second ridge from the opposite .keep on repeating the same procedure for the third ridge.
Now do the same procedure for the other side to.
3 ridges on medium and hair will look good.
Give ridges according to your wish and hair length.

long wavy curly hair for girls

long wavy curly hair for girls

long wavy curly hair for girls

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